Music Theatre Exams

The music theatre classes in Sunbury-on-Thames and Esher are for children ages 6 - 18. They are fun and energetic and as the students are taught in groups there is a strong sense of team spirit and mutual support.  We are very proud of our 100% pass rate, with all pupils reaching Merit or above or which three quarters of our pupils in 2015 achieved Distinction. 


Grade 1-5 are half hour classes and Grade 6-8 are one hour classes, studying the London College of Music syllabus for Music Theatre exams. Children wishing to join these classes from Grade 1-8 need to be assessed first to identify the appropriate class. 

The exam students work on several songs for the Grade and then 2-4 songs are chosen. The songs, which will best suit their voice and showcase their abilities are selected, having worked with a number of options. Basic dance and drama techniques are used to help stage each song.  The pupils also research their pieces, explore the characters and the musicals that the songs are from, to prepare them for a discussion with the examiner, within the exam, which is aimed at uncovering their love for music theatre and singing.


Music Theatre syllabus information

Grades 1 & 2 - Students perform 2 songs & discuss them with the examiner. 

Grades 3-5 - Pupils perform 3 songs & discuss them with the examiner in increasing detail. 

Grades 6-8 - Candidates perform 4 songs & discuss them with the examiner with in depth technical knowledge. These more complex grades are accredited with UCAS points which will help students in their College and University applications (for further information click 'Accreditation' in the LCM website). For Grade 7&8 libretto's are added to the prog​ramme plus sight-reading at Grade 8.

Diploma (DipLCM) - Pupils interested in pursuing this are taught privately and the standard of this exam is equivalent to 1st year of a Performing Arts degree. Candidates have to  also sight sing, therefore students need to be able to read music or study Music Theory to Grade 5 standard by the time they study for this final Diploma exam. 

What they say about us...

"A big thank you for the past 6 years of vocal training you have given me. It has really built my confidence and developed my singing skills." (Tiffany Pope)