Pop Vocals

Our Pop Vocal classes in Sunbury-on-Thames and Esher are fun one hour lessons, which teach the principles of  vocal techniques 'best practice' so pupils do not damage their voices and learn  how to develop their talents through understanding correct breathing, pitch,  vocal registers, harmony, ad libs and microphone technique. Songs are staged to  easy dance moves, where appropriate, to improve performance and co-ordination. 

Coaching is given on performance techniques to assist children's confidence in  communicating their enjoyment of singing to their audience. Many of the songs  selected for the children are very contemporary as they respond to these with  such energy and enthusiasm e.g. Ariana Grande, Lewis Capaldi, Jorja Smith, Sam Smith, Ella Henderson, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. At times we add different genres from other decades based on a specific theme or style being  taught such as Soul, Gospel or Motown.

There are performances at the end of each term taking the form of class  demonstrations, an annual talent show and an end of year presentation, giving  the parents the opportunity to share in their child's development and also  providing the students plenty of performance experience, in a friendly and  positive environment aimed at building their confidence. 

What they say about us

"Thank you for helping me become a better performer, more confident and excited to sing in shows, you have all really helped me accomplish big things and I am so happy to be at the Surrey Singing School" (Lulu Simmons)


"Can I just say a huge thank you for the confidence, Hayley has gained from your classes. She now is confidently singing solo. She does love it so much" (Mandy Baker)


"Our daughter has really enjoyed the experience and we have seen her confidence grow. Nobody would have predicted that our quiet and shy little girl could have performed a duet in the talent show in front of a big audience! Amazing!" (Liz Crighton)