Recording Studio

Students can record their own CD at our local recording studio.  This experience is invaluable and enhances pupils knowledge of their vocal style and abilities.

The recording experience is a great contrast to end of term performances or examinations as it is about perfecting a vocal delivery while time and re-runs is possible, unlike the experience of shows and exams where they only get one chance to deliver their best. 

The recording studio environment also enables us to work with them on one song where their voice is totally exposed, like looking at it through a microscope, which is very informative and revealing. All students who have been involved in this project have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal from the process.​​

What they say.....

"Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Katie & Chloe; they had a fantastic time at the recording studio and the results sound absolutely wonderful!" (Katie and Chloe's Mum)

"We love the girls recordings" (Aimee & Layla's Mum)


"CD sounds great and she really enjoyed the session. Thank you." (Amelia's Mum)